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W. Stephen Barnes, DMD Falls Oral Surgery and Implant Center 

Terrance has trained both me and my wife for well over a year now. His workouts are well thought out, and he pushes us physically and mentally to limits we didn't know even existed! Most importantly we have lost fat, gained muscle and we both feel amazing! He's given us so much more than workouts and diet modification---he has given us a new, more energized life for which we are forever thankful!

John Barber

Senior Vice President - Institutional Asset Services at Key Corp / Victory Capital Management, Senior Managing Director at Victory Capital Management

I write to express my appreciation of excellent personal training I received from Terrance Evans . After several poor trainers , I signed up with Terrance as one more try. I am very happy with his work, and will continue my sessions with him into the future.

I appreciate his high level of knowledge on all facets of exercise and training as well as human physiology. He melds this knowledge into a highly-tailored personal program for me adapted to my age, fitness, goals, and schedule. He also weaves in expertise on nutrition that's been very useful.

His work and effectiveness is outstanding. Please recognize the unique individual you have in Terrance.


VRaines Consulting LLC

When I began training with Terrance in 2010, I was overweight, sluggish,
and on medication for my blood pressure. He showed me that to reach my goals
of being lighter and stronger, I'd have to increase the intensity of my
cardio workouts and do weight-training. Although I was not obese, I wanted
to take on new outdoor adventures with confidence and not wear-out so
easily. Also, my son who is an athlete was in college and I needed to focus
on the next chapter in my life. I had been a high school athlete but I was
leading a largely sedentary life watching sports, gaining weight, and having
trouble finding clothes that fit me.

Today I am 20 pounds lighter, much stronger, no longer on blood pressure
medication, and started my own business as a college advisor. I regularly
run, walk, bike, and kayak. And, I have changed what I eat and how much. In
2011, I completed my first triathlon. In 2012, I earned first place in the
triathlon for women in my age category with a much improved time and some
energy to spare. I sent Terrance a picture with my trophy and thanked him.
This year is my 4th year competing. I continue to run in 5K races across the
region and can bike 20-30 miles with confidence. Last year I biked 55 miles
over 2 days in southern Ohio. I work with Terrance to change my workout
routine once or twice a year so it is fresh.

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